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The Pour Paint Kit-Shop Today!


An all ages (3+ supervised) art making kit for fluid acrylic pour painting.

There are 6, 8″ x 10″ canvases in each kit so you can paint your masterpiece today!

We show you how, every step of the way. Our free AlleyVision art tutorials make everyone an expert in just a few minutes!

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These kits are great for all ages.
Easy, fun and make great gifts for budding artists.

We take all the guess work out of making acrylic fluid pour paintings

We love what we do!

We take all the guess work out of acrylic fluid art, pour painting, controlled pour paintings and embellished pour painting! We have got you covered.  All the paints in the kit, have been tested by us, hundreds of times to ensure that every artwork YOU make will be amazing, easy and fun!



We are professional 20 year artists. We started with oil painting and enjoy a worldwide, enthusiastic following for our work. When we discovered fluid art we knew we had found the magic key that would allow anyone, I mean ANY one, discover they too, are an artist. If you’ve ever been interested in any of the millions of fluid art pour painting videos, this is the kit for you! You’ll be an expert in no time!


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These kits are great for parties, events, fundraisers and for those who want to teach others.


Everything you need is in the box!

1 Box- the box can be a pour tray, no mess!

6- 8″ x 10″ canvases

8- 2 ounce bottles of paint

2- 4 ounce glue (child safe, non-toxic, pouring medium)

stir sticks (bunches and bunches)

1 Tyvek apron

2 pairs of non latex gloves


and access to 100’s free AlleyVision online instructional videos!

In this kit learn to paint:

The Dirty Flip CupIMG_E4034

The Ribbon Pour



The Tree Ring Pour The paintings in this ad are from our kit! Your paintings will be even better! Check out all of our acrylic fluid art tutorial videos at Come join our Facebook artist encouragement group and meet new friends, learn new tricks and get great inspiration and encouragement in your art journey! Everyone is an artist with Alleyvision’s Pour Paint Kit!

The Controlled Pour Report

The moon made me do it-controlled pour

Hello everyone! Happy Friday, I hope you have had a good week so far. I mean if you don’t go online, don’t read anything or watch any news…it’s all easily, just peachy-keen. I do know what’s happening out there and I am trying to control my disgust and outrage…basically so I don’t hurt my own …

The Controlled Pour Report

Here you’ll find the controlled pour report. It’s our blog about the new things we are learning, new products that are coming to the marketplace and all the newest free art tutorials!

About Us

Who we are-20 years experience in exploration and practice.

Heather and Bill Alley are self taught, visionary, intuitive, oil painters. For 20 years they have explored the vast, wonderful world of art. Finding their calling, they are here to inspire, educate and share the joy of art and art making. They believe there is an artist inside every human and delight in the act of sharing their enthusiasm for the arts, with others. It’s their “soul food”.

We produce art based media content!

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We offer a 100% money back guarantee

We do offer free local delivery, in the PDX metro area.
We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all of our kits. If you purchase a kit and are unsatisfied you can re package whatever is left or empty bottles and safely return it to the studio. (Buyer pays shipping both ways) We will issue a full return of the purchase price upon inspection of the return.