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Bill’s Artist Hack #1- The 2 dollar faux frame-Make art that sells-Alleyvision

The 2 Dollar, upcycled, recycled, faux frame! Check it out!

This one idea has made our “practice paintings” that we did to learn/teach new techniques, sellable. They are all good painting’s but they are on less than ideal quality canvases. We all have piles of paintings (if you pour the piles will come) and this hack has allowed us to sell those same paintings, in a frame, for 50.00-100.00 each. Those same paintings, didn’t sell, without the frame for 25.00! Same artworks, just with better presentation and therefore, sales. At our art market, we can sell out of these works in one evening. Extra bonus: we reduced inventory in storage and other humans got to be HAPPY and buy original work that they love. Win-Win!

Let’s do the math: 50 x 15 = 750.00 and that’s better than 0 dollars! It is a great way to be a green, eco friendly artist, while getting some of those piles of paintings, turned into greenbacks for your supply list and art business. 🙂

Art is business, business is an art form. Get out there and shine my friends, shine!

Your friend in the arts,


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