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The Pour Paint Kit®

By Alleyvision LLC 

Everyone is an artist with our fluid art kits!

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Why should I buy your fluid art kit?

We Love Art!

Acrylic fluid art, what is it?

Pour painting is a fun, fast and easy way to begin to paint with fluid acrylics. We have taken all the guess work out of the learning! Everything you will need to create incredible works of art, is in the box! With our handy art videos, you’ll be an expert in just a few minutes! 

We start with the common techniques, the dirty cup, the tree ring and the puddle pour. In the deluxe kit we move to harder elements and start to discover controlled pouring. You will learn to create amazing landscapes! 

This type of art is for everyone. If you can pour water into a cup and dump it out, you can pour paint!

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We take requests for commissioned artwork, created by Heather & Bill Alley of alleyvision llc.com.

The Deluxe Kit Playlist

Questions? We have answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The beginner kit is safe, non-toxic products. We designed this kit for everyone! From 3-103!

We use Floetrol. The safety sheets are included in every kit. Do not torch or heat our paints, Floetrol states that is what causes it to become a harmeful vapor. Otherwise use the gloves and have fun. We suggest the deluxe kit be used by adults and supervised those over 12. 

With the deluxe kit, no. The paint drys to a glossy finish, all by itself. It’s really great paint, we use the same paint for our professional art we create in studio! For the beginner kit, the paintings will dry with a matte finish (not shiny). We reccommend any clear gloss spray to return them to their wet look. 

On the average they take a couple days to fully dry. We suggest leaving them in a very (very, very) level area where they won’t get disturbed, for at least 2 days. Temperature and weather will affect drying times. You can even put an empty box over them while they dry to prevent dust, hair, kitty, kids and puppy tracks. 🙂

Want a custom artwork created? Need to buy a bunch of kits for a party or event? Give us a holler and we will do everything we can to make you happy! We have wholesale pricing for retailers!

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